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If Jesus were a Jew, He would have done stand-up instead of parables.

If Joshua's Hebrews were Jews, they'd have invaded Canaan with briefcases instead of swords.

If the Old Testament were a Jewish book, it would have been a banking manual.

If a Jew is moving his lips, he is lying!

If you see a Rabbi, there has already been a crime!

Jeffersonian Liberalism held the ideal that a God-fearing Christian nation could govern itself, and should therefore be free of the tyranny of either church or monarch. Jewish liberalism has taken God out of the nation, and imposed a tyranny that either church or monarch could only envy.

If the non-White races of the world need to be brought here and be treated in a special manner, with all types of benefits handed to them, in order for them to be successful, then they are PETS and not PEOPLE. This leaves two pressing questions: 1) Why do we intermarry with our pets? 2) Why do we let our pets vote what's for dinner?

If man believes that his rights are endowed by the Creator, as the founders of this nation recognized, then man understands that those rights are inalienable. If man believes that his morals are passed down from God, as the founders of this nation also recognized, then man understands that those morals are immutable. Yet man has allowed the Jew to litigate God out of modern society, and therefore now we have no rights, and no morals.